"Grownups" in charge in DC

Just when you thought the Bush Administration couldn't do any worse comes this little tidbit of information via Calpundit. As you may recall, the Pentagon decided a few days ago to exclude evil Saddam apologists like France, Canada, Germany and Russia from obtaining any Iraq reconstruction contracts. This was alleged to be in the interests of US security. On the last page of the document, signed by DDS Wolfowitz, is a list of countries that are eligible to bid for Iraqi contracts. Evidently, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Eritrea, Uganda, Uzbekistan, and the Dominican Republic pose a lesser threat to US security than Canada, France and Germany. But wait. There's more. THE NEXT DAY, Bush called some of those very same countries - France, Germany and Russia, asking them to forgive Iraq's debts! This is either contemptably malicious or horrifically incompetent. You pick. Since when is which apparently pose a lesser threat to US security than Canada,

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