Brand Democrat

Big, big ups to Oliver Willis for coming up with "Brand Democrat". My favorite so far:
The Senate voted 65-30 for the legislation late on Saturday that sets aside funds for a range of priorities including a presidential yacht, foreign aid and energy. It is one of the final pieces of work for the 108th Congress and they may return to finish a spy agency overhaul before the end of the year.
Um...a Presidential Yacht is a "priority"?!

My email regarding the Coalition for Progress

I think that we should be looking at improving WNY and NYS by fundamentally changing the way WNY and NYS do business. We ought to turn our backs on the cronyism, mismanagement, poor representation, and turf warfare of the past, and look forward to lurch WNY into the 21st century. We’re so obsessed around here about what _was_ (steel mills, industry, etc.) and no one has formed a cohesive, coherent group of politically motivated people to make some serious noise about what COULD BE. The name: Nickel City Coalition Coalition for Progress Excelsior Coalition The mission statement: To make Western New York a better place to live and work. I think this satisfactorily incorporates the desires of the people concerned about local issues, but it also should satisfy those who are passionate about national issues. After all, if we help the environment and advocate for the selection of non-radical-right wing judges, it’s good for the country and for WNY. The structure: 1. There should be an executive committee. 2. There should be action groups organized under “Action Groups - National” and “Action Groups - WNY.” There should be no more than 5-10 action groups under each heading. Each Action Group should have a coordinator, with a separate coordinator to head the lot of them under each heading. 3. Each Action Group should have its own mission statement. To the extent that the efforts are in any way duplicative of other groups, that should be acknowledged and addressed. i. What I would recommend is, for instance, that the action groups be somewhat broad-based and not single-issues. 1. For instance, there should be an action group for “Infrastructure”, which would include waterfront, peace bridge, road repair, rail expansion, anti-sprawl, etc. 2. Another should be “Political Outreach” to get people registered to vote, involve them in public hearings, to set up a questionnaire for candidates to answer, perhaps to formulate an annual voter’s guide. 3. Another should be “Albany Reform”. Another should be “Regional Government”. You get the picture. I’ll let someone else formulate what the national issue action groups should be, because I don’t really care what they’ll be, except one to look at ensuring that WNY and NYS get their fair share of tax revenue back for every dollar we pay.

Coalition for Progress(?)

On Saturday, a very well-attended meeting took place where we discussed the formation of a group to address...let's just say "issues." There was a contingent of people who were interested in effecting fundamental local change (myself included), while other people were passionate about, and only want to work toward broader national issues like global warming, abortion, etc., and to have a national impact, rather than a local one. Yet another group of people wanted just to create a think tank. Some people's chief concern was about how the Democratic Party can't seem to match the GOP when it comes to getting its message out. All of the above are noble concerns, goals and issues. Upon adjournment of the meeting, coordinator Mark Poloncarz asked the attendees to submit to him their votes for a name of the group, and their opinions about the type of group and its direction and focus. If you're interested, email Mark Poloncarz.


A new Movement?

We had a very interesting and well-attended meeting at the LCo Building today. More to come.



To paraphrase David Cross, the president doesn't care about you, or you, or your mommy, or your daddy, or your town or your street. But we already knew a second Bush administration would be a miserable failure, didn't we? This, via Atrios.
Instead the administration plans to push major amendments that would shield interest, dividends and capitals gains from taxation, expand tax breaks for business investment and take other steps intended to simplify the system and encourage economic growth, according to several people who are advising the White House or are familiar with the deliberations. The changes are meant to be revenue-neutral. To pay for them, the administration is considering eliminating the deduction of state and local taxes on federal income tax returns and scrapping the business tax deduction for employer-provided health insurance, the advisers said.
Atrios is justifiably horrified by the proposed abolition of the business tax deduction for employer-provided health insurance. I guess Bush & company's solution to the fact that 45 million Americans have no health insurance is to increase that number dramatically. As a New Yorker, what I'm equally horrified about is the proposed abolition of the personal deduction for state and local taxes. New Yorkers pay 72% more in taxes than the national average. A lot of us depend on that federal deduction to help ease the pain of those local taxes. Now Bush wants them repealed. What a bunch of scumbags. And all of this is to help whom, exactly? Corporations?


Our new Secretary of State

Hey, she's incompetent, she made a joke of her oath, and she filibustered the 9/11 commission to minimize the number of questions they could ask her. She's a disgrace. That's why Bush picked her. He's already burned through the first-stringer-crazy-wingers. Now he's onto the second stringers. Be afraid.

America. Laughingstock.

According to some, "Saving Private Ryan" is nothing more than a cursefest. That's all. Nothing more. Apparently no redeeming quality. Just a cursefest. More disturbingly, Oklahoma's newest Senator found Schindler's List to be ... ...titillating. You can't make this stuff up, people.
“ABC crossed the line by airing at least 20 ‘f’ words and 12 ‘s’ words during prime-time viewing hours!,” says the evangelical group American Family Association, which claims it has 2.3 million members and is one of the groups leading the revamped charge against “immorality”. “We believe ABC should have aired their salute to heroes without violating broadcast decency laws,” it said. Each TV station could face a fine of £18,000 if found to have aired “indecent” material. Under long-standing guide lines, profanity is banned from 6am to 10pm on America’s publicly owned broadcast channels, but not on cable channels. “It would clearly have been our preference to run the movie,” says Ray Cole, president of Citadel Communications, which owns three of the stations. “We think it is a patriotic, artistic tribute to our fighting forces.” Senator John McCain, a one-time POW in Vietnam, introduced Saving Private Ryan on Thursday. A maverick Republican and a former presidential candidate, he spent much of Thursday trying to stem the desertions. The film is nowhere near indecent, he says angrily. *** Another indication of the red culture scare is the action of one of the US’s newly elected politicians, Tom Coburn, a senator from Oklahoma, says Rich. As a state-elected politician, he attacked NBC in 1997 for encouraging “irresponsible sexual behaviour” and for taking “network TV to an all-time low with full-frontal nudity, violence and profanity”. His anger was prompted by the prime-time airing of another Spielberg film, Schindler’s List, about the Holocaust.

To the GOP, an indictment is honorable

In a not-too-stunning move, the Republican Congress is pushing a rule change that would protect Tom Delay's post as majority whip, given his imminent indictment for corruption.
House Republicans proposed changing their rules last night to allow members indicted by state grand juries to remain in a leadership post, a move that would benefit Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) in case he is charged by a Texas grand jury that has indicted three of his political associates, according to GOP leaders.
It's about the rule of law?

Mike Hudson gets it.

The only decent Newspaper in Western New York - the Niagara Falls Reporter - gets it right. Editor Mike Hudson opines in this week's issue about Red State welfare.
"According to the Tax Foundation study, every one of the Red States gets as much or more than it pays, with the exception of Nevada. In other words, the 20 cents New Yorkers don't get back, the 43 cents our neighbors in New Jersey don't get back, the 22 cents Massachusetts taxpayers don't get back and all the money people living in Wisconsin, Washington, New Hampshire, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Connecticut and California don't get back goes to fund the thriving, God-fearing, gay-bashing, morally superior economies of the South and West. Shortchanged state and local governments in the Blue States are forced to make up the difference, which goes a long way toward explaining why our property, sales and income taxes are so high. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind when some cretinous Bill O'Reilly fan e-mails me with his thoughts regarding my race and sexuality, then closes by saying he prays for the deaths of my entire family. I just wish I wasn't paying for his Internet connection.

Governor 2006

Pataki is widely regarded by Republicans to be a RINO - a Republican in Name Only. I tend to agree with this. Why? Because the Republican Party I knew was very strongly in favor of fiscal restraint and conservatism. That's simply absent in New York State politics. New York State is a banana republic. It's run by a triumverate - Pataki, Bruno & Silver. Two Republicans and one Democrat. The lobbyists in Albany have more access to these three, and more influence over lawmaking, than your Assemblyperson or State Senator do. New York has too many state workers, too many state programs, programs that are too expensive, too many authorities that freely spend tax dollars with little or no accountability. County governments are drowning in a sea of Medicaid bills from the State. Unfunded mandates from Albany are a dime a dozen. (Combined that with some choice cronyism, scandal and mismanagement from the likes of Joel Giambra, and you've got a recipe for disaster). So, our bulldog of an AG, Elliott Spitzer, wants to run for Governor in 2006. Only if he pledges to reform our government - only if he pledges to bring accountability and representative government to Albany. Please, God. Let that be Spitzer's message.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 - Senator Charles E. Schumer on Monday ruled out running for governor of New York in 2006, saying that he would instead help lead the Democratic Party's efforts to retake the Senate. Mr. Schumer's decision reshapes the political landscape in New York State and leaves the field open to Eliot Spitzer, the Democratic state attorney general, who has been gearing up for the campaign. Gov. George E. Pataki, a Republican in his third term, has not said whether he will seek re-election. Mr. Schumer, 53, who was just re-elected to a second term with a record 71 percent of the vote, made his decision to stay in Washington after seriously considering a jump to Albany, in part because of the diminished role of Democrats in the Senate. But top Democrats vigorously campaigned to keep him in Washington, promising him a spot on the powerful Finance Committee and persuading him to lead the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee through the midterm elections of 2006.


Well, duh

"Moderate Republican" is now an oxymoron. It has been since, I'd say, March of 2000 when Bush narrowly defeated McCain by running to the right - visiting Bob Jones U., push polling, etc. I used to be a moderate Republican. Now I'm a moderate Democrat. That's because my political leanings are in the middle - agreeing with various Republican and Democratic positions. In October 2003, I left the Republican party and registered as a Democrat. Well, lots of moderate Republicans are coming to the realization that they're no longer welcome in the Christian Republican Party of George W. Bush, et al.
"There is no future for moderate and progressive Republicans in the Republican Party," said Jim Scarantino, president of the centrist GOP group Mainstream 2004. "The far right wing and the fanatics have seized control." Mr. Scarantino isn't sure where his brand of Republican politics fits into the GOP. Some Christian conservatives say it doesn't. "If they can't agree and support the president and the platform, then they ought to go over to the Democrats," said Jan LaRue, chief counsel for the conservative group Concerned Women for America. After President Bush's re-election, evangelicals were quickly branded the "it" political group. They have taken a two-week victory lap, appearing around the clock on cable news networks while touting a conservative social agenda. Out of the spotlight and largely overlooked, some moderates said they feel like politicians without a party. Issues such as gay marriage and abortion have exposed fissures in the majority party, as conservatives push for what they call "pro-family" policies and moderates urge renewed focus on fiscal conservatism. Evangelicals have been quick to seize on their moment in the spotlight, launching efforts to expand their influence and criticizing Republicans who don't toe the conservative line on social issues. The Rev. Jerry Falwell announced plans last week for an "evangelical revolution," forming the Faith and Values Coalition, which he described as a resurrection of the Moral Majority. And conservatives accused Sen. Arlen Specter of disloyalty when the Pennsylvania Republican suggested that the Senate might reject anti-abortion judicial nominees. Evangelical groups urged Mr. Specter's colleagues to reject his bid to become chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
To the Republican party of 2004, moderate Republicans are good for only one thing: window dressing. People like Giuliani and Schwarzenegger are trotted out at the convention every four years to appeal to centrists - to show that the GOP really isn't the party of evangelical bigotry it's become. Every four years, the Delays and Brownbacks get shunted to fringe events, while the moderates get play & lip service to the GOP's "big tent" is paid. Then, when the convention's over, the evil wingers come out to play, and the moderates are again marginalized, only to make headlines when, every so often, they defy the wingers. What a sad mockery of its former self the GOP has become. What's even scarier is that evangelical bigotry is winning elections.


Powell Out

Whether or not you think he was a fish out of water among the Bush neocons, or if you think he was a sellout to that crew, Colin Powell - a great man and a genuine American hero is resigning as Secretary of State. This is sad, because his office was so emasculated by the Bush administration's DoD over the years, and because I shudder to think whom Bush will select to replace Powell. One name that's been floated is Wolfowitz. What an unmitigated disaster that would be. It'd be like putting Capone in charge of the IRS.


Ashcroft despises checks & balances

And by despising checks & balances, one has to ask - why does John Ashcroft hate America?
Ashcroft says judges threaten national security by questioning Bush decisions WASHINGTON - Federal judges are jeopardizing national security by issuing rulings contradictory to President Bush's decisions on America's obligations under international treaties and agreements, Attorney General John Ashcroft said Friday. In his first remarks since his resignation was announced Tuesday, Ashcroft forcefully denounced what he called "a profoundly disturbing trend" among some judges to interfere in the president's constitutional authority to make decisions during war. "The danger I see here is that intrusive judicial oversight and second-guessing of presidential determinations in these critical areas can put at risk the very security of our nation in a time of war," Ashcroft said in a speech to the Federalist Society, a conservative lawyers' group. The Justice Department announced this week it would seek to overturn a ruling by U.S. District Judge James Robertson in the case of Salim Ahmed Hamdan, who the government contends was Osama bin Laden's driver. Robertson halted Hamdan's trial by military commission in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, rejecting the Bush administration's position that the Geneva Conventions governing prisoners of war do not apply to al-Qaida members because they are not soldiers of a true state and do not fight by international norms. Without mentioning that case specifically, Ashcroft criticized rulings he said found "expansive private rights in treaties where they never existed" that run counter to the broad discretionary powers given the president by the Constitution. "Courts are not equipped to execute the law. They are not accountable to the people," Ashcroft said. During his successful re-election campaign, Bush repeatedly promised to appoint judges who would adhere to strict interpretations of the Constitution. In addition to numerous lower courts, Bush is likely to appoint at least one and perhaps several justices to the Supreme Court during the next four years. The administration lost a crucial legal battle this year when a divided Supreme Court determined the president lacks the authority to hold terror suspects classified as enemy combatants indefinitely with no access to lawyers or the ability to challenge their detention. Ashcroft intends to remain as attorney general until his nominated successor, Alberto Gonzales, is confirmed by the Senate.

Bob Jones University

Remember Bob Jones University? Waay back in 2000 - after Bush had his ass handed to him by John McCain in NH, Bush had to run away from the center and headlong to the right. Why? Because the next test was South Carolina, and them people talk just like him, and he was gonna be damned if he didn't win South Carolina. One of his first visits post-NH was to Bob Jones University. If you're Catholic, you should despise BJU and all it stands for. If you're African-American, you should despise BJU and all it stands for. If you have any sense of decency, you should despise BJU and all it stands for. Bob Jones, Bush's buddy, just wrote him a letter.
President George W. Bush The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr. President: The media tells us that you have received the largest number of popular votes of any president in America's history. Congratulations! In your re-election, God has graciously granted America—though she doesn't deserve it—a reprieve from the agenda of paganism. You have been given a mandate. We the people expect your voice to be like the clear and certain sound of a trumpet. Because you seek the Lord daily, we who know the Lord will follow that kind of voice eagerly. Don't equivocate. Put your agenda on the front burner and let it boil. You owe the liberals nothing. They despise you because they despise your Christ. Honor the Lord, and He will honor you. Had your opponent won, I would have still given thanks, because the Bible says I must (I Thessalonians 5:18). It would have been hard, but because the Lord lifts up whom He will and pulls down whom He will, I would have done it. It is easy to rejoice today, because Christ has allowed you to be His servant in this nation for another presidential term. Undoubtedly, you will have opportunity to appoint many conservative judges and exercise forceful leadership with the Congress in passing legislation that is defined by biblical norm regarding the family, sexuality, sanctity of life, religious freedom, freedom of speech, and limited government. You have four years—a brief time only—to leave an imprint for righteousness upon this nation that brings with it the blessings of Almighty God. Christ said, “If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my father honour” (John 12:26). The student body, faculty, and staff at Bob Jones University commit ourselves to pray for you—that you would do right and honor the Savior. Pull out all the stops and make a difference. If you have weaklings around you who do not share your biblical values, shed yourself of them. Conservative Americans would love to see one president who doesn't care whether he is liked, but cares infinitely that he does right. Best wishes. Sincerely your friend, Bob Jones III President BJIII:lw PS: A few moments ago I read this letter to the students in Chapel. They applauded loudly their approval. When I told them that Tom Daschle was no longer the minority leader of the Senate, they cheered again. On occasion, Christians have not agreed with things you said during your first term. Nonetheless, we could not be more thankful that God has given you four more years to serve Him in the White House, never taking off your Christian faith and laying it aside as a man takes off a jacket, but living, speaking, and making decisions as one who knows the Bible to be eternally true.
These guys are losing. They are not rising. For proof, look to the fact that Santorum, Brownback and the like were hidden away during the GOP convention, while McCain, Schwarzenegger, and Giuliani were keynotes.

Waaaaah. Baby needs a bottle.

Bushplomacy 2004. Petulant barely begins to describe this sort of juvenile behavior.
Bush Snubs Spanish Leader Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who pulled his country's troops out of Iraq, has been having difficulty getting through to President Bush to congratulate him on his reelection, Reuters reports. White House spokesman Scott McClellan explains that "calls are scheduled at times that are mutually convenient. Some calls are able to be scheduled quicker than others." However, the president did have a "private meeting" with former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, a conservative, on Tuesday.
Bush is still smarting that the Spanish voters had the audacity to elect an anti-war candidate in a democratic election that was held in a country that was a fascist dictatorship a mere 29 years ago. He's a baby. Waa waa. Poor baby.


Well, why didn't you say so?

This explains everything!
Jesus speaks through the Republicans I hope the election of George W. Bush is seen as a wake-up call to all the liberal Democrats who oppose God's will. It is His doing that George W. Bush is still our president. Millions of born-again Christians helped win this election through our prayers and votes. Jesus speaks through the Republicans. The Democrats will not be able to win elections until they renounce their sinful ways and stop encouraging abortions, gayness, and trying to take away our guns. Earl Balboa Washington Township
Red State values, comin' atcha.

Secretary of State under GWB part 2

There has been much talk about Colin Powell and battles that he may or may not have had to fight as a relatively moderate and fiercely principled member of the most extreme and unprincipled presidential administration in US history. The scuttlebutt is that Powell will not choose to endure another four years of having his portfolio appropriated by the State Department or the AEI. Michael Ledeen of the National Review, a neoconservative rag, has a recommendation for Secretary of State. The Sec of State is the nation's top diplomat. You need someone with a cool head, who can bring people together to find common ground. Someone who will vigorously defend America's interests, while promoting them to our friends and foes alike by using the carrot and the stick. Someone who will be respected and respectable; someone who will represent America as an optimistic place of hope, freedom and democracy. Someone like, apparently. Zell Miller. You cannot make this stuff up, folks.
State: I have just returned from a couple of weeks in Europe, and was very surprised to hear diplomats complaining bitterly that they felt abandoned by Powell. 'Where is he?' they lamented, 'we supported him and he left us to fend entirely for ourselves.' The proper care of allies is right up near the top of a secretary of State's mission, and the allies don't give Colin Powell a passing grade. For that alone, he needs to go. There are other reasons, too, above all his weasely performance on Iran (every strong presidential statement was instantly followed by leaks from State undercutting the president's words; the secretary's deputy - and best friend - Richard Armitage called Iran 'a democracy,' which may be the great mal mot of this administration). Finally, there's Powell supine acceptance of Foggy Bottom's conventional wisdom on every subject, forgetting that the foreign service isn't supposed to make our foreign policy; it's supposed to carry out the president's policies. Who should replace him? Zell Miller.
Hi. Welcome to Bizarro America.

Red State "values" for November 10th.

Because there is apparently a verse in the Bible where Jesus or someone else specifically prohibits the use of contraceptives, a 33-year old adult female was unable to refill her prescription for birth control pills at a Texas CVS because the pharmacist doesn't believe in birth control.
I was shocked," says Lacey, 33, who was not able to get her prescription until the next day and missed taking one of her pills. "Their job is not to regulate what people take or do. It's just to fill the prescription that was ordered by my physician." Some pharmacists, however, disagree and refuse on moral grounds to fill prescriptions for contraceptives. And states from Rhode Island to Washington have proposed laws that would protect such decisions. Mississippi enacted a sweeping statute that went into effect in July that allows health care providers, including pharmacists, to not participate in procedures that go against their conscience. South Dakota and Arkansas already had laws that protect a pharmacist's right to refuse to dispense medicines. Ten other states considered similar bills this year
Just so you know, they're not just Christian/red state values anymore. Soon, they're going to be all of our values. Welcome to fucking goddamn conditioning. Paging Mr. Huxley.

Example of overstating one's case

Adam Yoshida again. This time, he laments that Belgium has banned a separatist Flemish (Dutch) party. Apparently, the best this party could accomplish was 24% of the minority Flemish vote in Northern Belgium. The party platform calls for the abolition of Belgium. Yoshida writes:
Don't think that the same thing isn't coming to Canada and to the rest of Europe.
Awkward sentence structure aside, I can't imagine Canada banning the provincial PQ or federal BQ, which are separatist. I also can't think of any other serious political party that calls for separatism. The funny thing is that national citizenship in Europe has become an anachronism. In the EU, any Flanders resident can move to Holland as easily as someone from New York can move to Connecticut. So what's the big hubbub?


Giambra & his red & green budget

I used to think Giambra could be the savior of this region. Now I know he's just a political hack. How do I know? He's blaming Medicaid (and nothing else) for the county's fiscal crisis. We are facing a complete withdrawal of funding for every quality of life issue in Erie County so we can pay Albany's medicaid bill. I think the Medicaid problem is a very serious one, and needs to be addressed by Albany immediately. But here's a question: The leader of FixAlbany, Tom Suozzi, is Nassau County's county legislator. He's held taxes steady, and Nassau County just saw its bond rating improve. He shares Erie County's Medicaid burden, and yet runs a fiscally tight ship. The problem here? Patronage and stubbornness. So, can someone explain to me why we need a county government at all? I mean, what are they good for? What does county government do that can't be done by Albany and the municipalities? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. County government is nothing but a graft machine. I would abolish everything except the County Clerk's office. Each legislature we answer to exists to tax us. At least we get some servcies for our tax dollars. That's about to change. The fewer legislatures above us, the less we're getting taxed. While we're at it, Albany itself needs some fundamental change so that it can become the democratic legislature we're taught about at school, rather than the triumverate we're stuck with now. Nice to see three downstate guys telling upstate what's good for it. We all get pacified by visits from Pataki opening one thing or another. We need fundamental change, and they give us photo ops. Giambra's a hack. Masiello's a hack. They're all hacks. This region and this state need to learn some new tricks before they tax us all out of the area.

Magnanimous victory

They sure turn 'em out in Florida, don't they? Wackos, I mean. Here's a gentle screed, a portion of which I've translated from its original crayon scribblings. (Note to the author: there are synonyms for "vital". It's called a Thesaurus. Use it & love it). Basically, a fine American by the name of Mike Thompson (a Florida conservative), recommends expulsion of the blue states from the USA.
"BUSH USA is predominantly white; devoutly Christian (mostly Protestant); openly, vigorously heterosexual; an open land of single-family homes and ranches; economically sound (except for a few farms), but not drunk with cyberworld business development, and mainly English-speaking, with a predilection for respectfully uttering 'yes, ma'am' and 'yes, sir.' GORE/KERRY USA is ethnically diverse; multi-religious, irreligious or nastily antireligious; more sexually liberated (if not in actual practice, certainly in attitude); awash with condo canyons and other high-end real estate bordered by sprawling, squalid public housing or neglected private homes, decidedly short of middle-class neighborhoods; both high tech and oddly primitive in its commerce; very artsy, and Babelesque, with abnormally loud speakers."
For every person who unfairly denigrates the Christian right, there's a right-wing wackjob like this.


How do you say Kristallnacht in Portuguese?

You know the country's doing just swell when a Portuguese guy gets the shit beat out of him by some ignorant, racist mutants because he "looked Middle Eastern." Between the quaint 30's era eliminationism of Adam Yoshida, LGF and others, and the astonishing racist ignorance of some people, I can't help but think we're sliding towards a distinctly American brand of fascism. And that's not just because I watched a few Hitler documentaries yesterday on the History channel. Nosir.


Hmm. More election.

I know, I know. I promised that I'd stop with the election, but this story, which I found via Drudge (of all places) made me physically ill. Also: I'm going to start a new abbreviation: JIWTWHDIIWAD "Just imagine what they would have done if it was a Democrat."
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - An error with an electronic voting system gave President Bush 3,893 extra votes in suburban Columbus, elections officials said. Franklin County's unofficial results had Bush receiving 4,258 votes to Democrat John Kerry's 260 votes in a precinct in Gahanna. Records show only 638 voters cast ballots in that precinct. Bush actually received 365 votes in the precinct, Matthew Damschroder, director of the Franklin County Board of Elections, told The Columbus Dispatch. State and county election officials did not immediately respond to requests by The Associated Press for more details about the voting system and its vendor, and whether the error, if repeated elsewhere in Ohio, could have affected the outcome. Bush won the state by more than 136,000 votes, according to unofficial results, and Kerry conceded the election on Wednesday after acknowledging that 155,000 provisional ballots yet to be counted in Ohio would not change the result. The Secretary of State's Office said Friday it could not revise Bush's total until the county reported the error. The Ohio glitch is among a handful of computer troubles that have emerged since Tuesday's elections. In one North Carolina county, more than 4,500 votes were lost because officials mistakenly believed a computer that stored ballots electronically could hold more data than it did. And in San Francisco, a malfunction with custom voting software could delay efforts to declare the winners of four races for county supervisor. In the Ohio precinct in question, the votes are recorded onto a cartridge. On one of the three machines at that precinct, a malfunction occurred in the recording process, Damschroder said. He could not explain how the malfunction occurred. Damschroder said people who had seen poll results on the election board's Web site called to point out the discrepancy. The error would have been discovered when the official count for the election is performed later this month, he said. The reader also recorded zero votes in a county commissioner race on the machine. Workers checked the cartridge against memory banks in the voting machine and each showed that 115 people voted for Bush on that machine. With the other machines, the total for Bush in the precinct added up to 365 votes.
So, it looks like (as of now) Bush actually won Ohio by about 132,000 votes.

The good news just keeps on rolling

Whee! Yipee! The dollar is in free-fall. Good for whatever manufacturing is left in the US. Bad for American consumers.

Red State Values for 11/5/04

The folks in the Red States voted for Bush because of issues regarding "morals" and "values". From time to time, we'll examine the values and morals as practiced in these Red States. Alabama's Constitution is still segregationist, and doesn't require the state to provide an education to ... children. An amendment to the Alabama Constitution was defeated via referendum on Tuesday.
The amendment calls for the repeal of a legal requirement — made moot by federal law — demanding children of different races attend different schools. The measure also removes language from the Alabama Constitution stating our children have no right to a public education in this state. Opponents to Amendment 2 see the effort as a back-door attempt to raise taxes. They fear if the part of the amendment dealing with the right to public education is enacted, a judge could order the state to spend more money on education. They say Alabama students don’t have the right to a good education.
It's up to you to guess just why that provision exists in Alabama's Constitution. It's up to you to guess which party opposed this Amendment. Also in Alabama: last weekend the Owens Crossroads United Methodist Church in Owens Crossroads, AL had a little scavenger hunt for the kids.
Theft of campaign signs from private property is a misdemeanor. The two ministers were unavailable for comment. Dermody said the incident occurred during a recent youth lock-in in which youngsters were sent on a scavenger hunt. Kerry-Edwards signs were among the list of items to retrieve from area yards. About eight signs were taken and burned that evening at the church, Dermody said he was told. Dermody said the pastor and youth minister apologized. They emphasized in their written apology that the incident was not an attempt to make a political statement, nor necessarily reflected the views of the church, its congregation or its denomination. "It was meant to be harmless fun, but it went too far," Ponder-Twardy wrote, adding that he had no prior knowledge of the plan. The Huntsville district superintendent of the United Methodist Church did not officially comment. The district released an apology from the pastor noting the amends that were made to the congregation and Democratic Party. "I truly regret the actions of my staff and myself regarding the taking and destroying of these signs," Ponder-Twardy said in the letter to the district. "It was a gross error in judgment. We believe lessons have been learned, and we believe similar actions will never happen again."
God Bless Alabama's Red State Values!

AM&A downtown

The deadline to do something with AM&A approaches. A while back, I wrote a LTE to the Buffalo News, suggesting that a complete demolition of the building wasn't necessary, but that instead the facade could be preserved, while the interior was gutted. It looks, based on the article, that this idea is under consideration.


Tax Fairness Act of 2005

The next Congress' Democrats need to make this a big issue. In an earlier post, I mentioned in passing that the blue states subsidize a majority of the red states. In other words, states like New York and California receive fewer federal dollars than they pay to Washington. On the other hand, most of the red states are net recipients of at least 110% of the money they send to Washington. How so? How is it that the gun-lovin', tax-hatin', gay-stoppin' red states are net recipients of ... well, welfare? It's time to stop this. If the red states want to reshape America into a red-white-and-blue caricature of its former self, that's fine, but I don't see why we should subsidize it. Buffalo is already sending many of its people to North Carolina and Florida - is it fair that we send our money there, too? Is it fair that an economically depressed region like upstate New York subsidizes the booming sun/Bible belt? I don't think so, either. These red states are sucking at the blue states' collective teat. The full list is available here. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas Idaho Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Missouri Montana North Dakota Oklahoma South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Utah Virginia West Virginia Wyoming Idea courtesy of Atrios.

Bush's "Mandate"

Bush's "mandate":

Hey, Peggy Noonan!

George Soros cannot buy a presidential election. Savor. 'Volunteers' who are bought and paid for cannot beat volunteers who come from the neighborhood, church, workplace and reading group. Savor. The leaders of the Bush effort see it this way: A ragtag band of more than a million Republican volunteers who fought like Washington's troops at Valley Forge beat the paid Hessians of King George III's army. Savor.
Hey, Peggy! I volunteered. No one paid me to do so. I got up at 4 in the morning on Tuesday to work for free. I worked hard. In the rain. In the cold. No one paid me. No one paid thousands more like me. So: hey, Peggy! Fuck you and your 8th grader-style prose.

My last word on the election

Let’s look forward to 2006 when we have another opportunity to reshape our legislatures. Let’s look forward to 2007 when the 2008 Presidential campaigns will begin in earnest. The republicans won through fear. They scared people into thinking that Kerry couldn’t be trusted on the terror war. They scared people into believing that our country would be destroyed by gay people marrying each other. They scared people into believing that a catastrophic terrorist attack was inevitable if Kerry was elected. They scared people into believing that Kerry would take their guns away. Guns, gays and God. Rove’s trinity to electoral success. It’s despicable, but I think it’ll come back to haunt Repubs in the long run. It’s no secret that I’m a centrist – a moderate. I’m socially liberal but fiscally conservative. The Democratic Party is the only home for people like me. The Repubs have been completely transformed into a radical right-wing Christian party of hatred, division, abject incompetence, and cataclysmic fiscal irresponsibility. It’s a cliquey little club of people who long for a one-party state, yet trot out “moderates” like troop-basher Giuliani, and serial harasser and mediocre actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. With the Bush crowd, ideology trumps facts. Remember 10 years ago how the conservative movement found its voice and gained momentum? They organized, they made noise, they gained control of the House and Senate. Tuesday was their greatest victory. Let it be the last. Let’s figure out how to take back the language of values. Let’s figure out how to most effectively expose the right-wing ideologues. My America isn’t one where the religious fundamentalists run the show. Let’s work to take it back. Let the Repubs reap what they’ve sown. Let’s also work to make WNY a better place. We need to bring people back to this area. Did you know that we blue states subsidize the red states?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Bush gets re-elected, and now we have self-righteous uber-sinner Bill Bennett lecture us on morals and virtue. He also adopts, positively, the Pol Potian language of reeducation. How charming! In between hands of poker, blackjack and intermittent gluttony, apparently.
Bill Bennett on Election 2004 on National Review Online: "The Great Relearning" Let it begin. By Bill Bennett Well, it wasn't the Clinton economy we longed for; and it wasn't just the war on terrorism that occupied us. Ethics and moral values were ascendant last night - on voters minds, in Americans' hearts. To be sure, every anthropologist loves his own tribe, and I have long advocated a stronger tie between politics and the virtues. Last night it was evident that the American people agree. Ohio, which may very well have lost more jobs than any other state, delivered President Bush his electoral victory. West Virginia looks much the same. Alaska, a relatively libertarian state, voted against decriminalizing marijuana - despite the proposition to do so vastly out-funding the movement to keep it criminalized. And the eleven state proposals to ban the redefinition of marriage all succeeded overwhelmingly. On this last point, one veteran political reporter told me, 'I heard again and again from people connected to, and members of, black churches who did not look kindly on gay marriage, and were very motivated against it. They, more than anyone else, did not see it as a civil right - and were angered by those who claimed it was.' The national exit polling conducted by the Los Angeles Times confirms all these findings, showing that '[M]ore than half of Bush's voters cited moral issues as a principal reason for their support � more than any other issue, including even terrorism.' In fact, morals trumped terrorism by seven percentage points in the Los Angeles Times poll. Having restored decency to the White House, President Bush now has a mandate to affect policy that will promote a more decent society, through both politics and law. His supporters want that, and have given him a mandate in their popular and electoral votes to see to it. Now is the time to begin our long, national cultural renewal ("The Great Relearning," as novelist Tom Wolfe calls it) — no less in legislation than in federal court appointments. It is, after all, the main reason George W. Bush was reelected"
Hey! Didn't Mao force China in to a cultural revolution in the 60s? Is that what they have planned? Hey! Isn't it disingenuous to call a 51-48 popular vote a "mandate" for anything? Hey! Isn't it disingenuous to say that Bush has a mandate because he won one state by 1% of the vote? Not in Freeperville. Not in Freeperville. And we're all second-class citizens of the United Christian States of Freeperville.

Good and Bad news in Buffalo

The Good News: The NFTA and the City reach a deal to end an ongoing legal dispute over the waterfront. The Bad News: Here's what Repubublican from NY-26 Tom Reynolds had to say about yesterday's Repub sweep:
"There are green lights in America," Reynolds said about the Republicans' domestic agenda. "It's full speed ahead." The agenda will be set, Reynolds said, during the House GOP's retreat next month. But President Bush has already signaled that he wants Congress to move forward with reform of Social Security and Medicare.
"Reform" means "completely gut".

Hee hee

Need a laugh? Read this utter nonsense.

More Adam Yoshida

That sumbitch is craaaazzzzyy. Even conservatives dismiss his rantings as nothing more than neofascist drivel. What's so great is that the people closest to Yoshida on the political spectrum would actually curb-stomp him for being a Japanese-Canadian immigrant. His like-minded political leanings would not save him from the white power crowd. Anyway, Yoshida's such a wuss that he took the comments off his site. No matter. You can find the comments to his most recent fascistic rantings here. It's interesting that Yoshida is only 20 years old (that figures). It's also interesting that he's a flip-flopper, having banned comments on his blog before, and then rescinded the ban. He also revealed that he's not such a big fan of free speech. Gee, you could have fooled us. I wonder if we can expect our religious conservative masters to start a campaign to repeal the 1st amendment?


Graciousness on the Right

I was so heartened to read this gracious report from one Adam Yoshida.
"Four More Years! AKA: Take That, You Sons of Bitches So, George W. Bush won. And he's done so [sic] by a solid margin. The Democrats' attempted coup managed to last all of eight hours. Not only is the President the first candidate to win a majority of the vote in a Presidential Election since 1988, but he also won more popular votes than any other candidate in history. The Democrats spent months telling us that high voter turnout would equal a win for them but, as it turns out, when 60% of the electorate showed up at the polls it translated into a Bush lead of nearly four million votes. In short: take that, you sons of bitches. The Democrats are now talking about how this is a signal that Bush should "bring the country together". Translated into American, this means "now that you've won, you should surrender to us." The hell with that. We've won. Winning means not having to say you're sorry. Bush already brought a majority of Americans together: they voted for him. He doesn't need to reach out to them: they need to reach out to him. If anyone needs to work to "bring the country together" it's those on the left who have divided it so badly. Those who sought to destroy this great man should get down upon their knees and beg the victors for mercy. And maybe, just maybe, we'll let a few of them linger on for the simple reason that they amuse us. My life's goal is to see the Democratic Party virtually obliterated and left as a rump of people like Stephanie Herseth who both mostly agree with us anyways and are easy on the eyes. That's the future of the Democratic Party: providing Republicans with a number of cute (but not that bright) comfort women. Let’s face a hard truth: this was the bitterest Presidential campaign in living memory. The Democrats and their allies staked everything on the defeat of this President. All of the resources they had accumulated over a generation of struggle were thrown into this battle: and they have failed. Despite all of their tricks, despite all of their lies, the people have rejected them. They mean nothing. They are worth nothing. There’s no point in trying to reach out to them because they won’t be reached out to. We’ve got their teeth clutching the sidewalk and out boot above their head. Now’s the time to curb-stomp the bastards. The first obvious major fight is going to be over the confirmation of the next Chief Justice of the United States and probably a new Associate Justice as well. The reason for saying this should be obvious: William Rehnquist is an ill man and, I think, the obvious candidate to replace him is none other than Clarence Thomas who would be, of course, the first black Chief Justice but who would also, much more importantly, be the most conservative one in living memory. His seat could then be given to another solid conservative and then, once Stevens, Ginsberg, or O’Conner [sic] goes, we can get a real conservative majority on the court: and keep it for a decade or more. It’s worth stepping back to think about the scale of what we have accomplished. We’ve fought back and won against the most destructive attack in the modern history of Presidential campaigns. Despite all of the books, movies, television shows: despite the seeming involvement of all of Hollywood and all of Academia, they lost. They used every trick in the book against us: and they lost. We now control the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and a majority of State Governorships. The Republican Party is now, truly, the majority party in the United States. This is a mandate. Not only for the President to carry on and win the War on Terrorism, but also to make other needed reforms. To begin: the massive landslides for the eleven state Gay Marriage amendments, even the one in Oregon, show that the Federal Marriage Amendment will carry if it proves to be needed. Better still, with these majorities, the President will have a real shot at enacting some form of entitlement reform in the coming years. This is a decisive moment in American history. There’s no denying this fact. The nation stood at the crossroads yesterday and the people choose to go the right way. They rejected the Democrat Party and the pernicious things that those people stand for. Michael Moore and his ilk have been rejected by the people. Treason didn’t carry the day. Forgeries and lies failed to produce the results that they wanted. It was closer than we’d like, of course. Far too close. I still can’t believe that anyone voted for John Kerry. John Kerry was a personification of everything that’s wrong with the Democrat Party today. A traitor in his youth, he proposed policies of economic division at home and which would have brought military defeat abroad. The once-proud Democratic Party of people like Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson has been reduced to such a level as to become little better than the party of AIDS, abortion, adultery and appeasement. But, whatever, we won: to hell with the rest of them. Those who didn’t support Bush can go and perform a certain anatomically impossible act. They lost, now they can sit in the back of the bus. Thank God Almighty.
You really have to hand it to a guy who, in one semi-literate rant, can invoke all the goodness of skinhead violence, the graciousness of equating a Congresswoman with a whore, and combine it with a real sweet Jim Crow sensitivity. Throw in a plea for a one-party state, and you've got yourself a bona fide conservative! Mr. Yoshida, I won't be in the back of the bus. I'll be on another bus altogether. One where everyone can sit wherever they'd like. One where winning by a 3% margin doesn't equal a landslide. I'll be on the bus where people don't tend to advocate "curb-stomping" as reasonable political speech. My bus will permit and encourage political and religious pluralism. Yoshida. That sounds...foreign. I don't think the fundies will take very kindly to you.

Higgins - Naples

It appears that Higgins may have won the 27th. Reynolds took the 26th, but it was closer than many had expected. Naples received a TRO to impound the machines and count veeerrrry carefully. Sort of like they should have but actually didn't do in Florida in 2000. Donn Esmonde has a good take on Higgins' promising future as a congressman should he ultimately win.

Alterman - More 'them' than 'us'

Read Alterman today. He's dead-on. People just don't care about what we in the "reality-based community" care about. That's why Bush won.

Can I just point out that Andy Card is an asshole?

Shorter Andy Card: We're almost 100% sort-of certain that Bush's re-election is a statistical inevitability; therefore, Kerry ought to concede immediately for the good of America. or... Actually counting votes is a quaint and anachronistic notion, isn't it?

Everything's effed up

As I mention in my previous post, I'm jam-packed full of bitterness and cynicism today. I really thought we had a shot. I'm not putting a lot of stock in the notion that we can win Ohio. I'm not going to go into what others are saying about GOP lawsuits being used as a tactic to halt voting. I don't care right now. Let's face it. The country spoke. They like what's going on. That's that. Environmental catastrophe? Big whoop. $2.00/gallon gas? So what. Quagmire in Iraq? Who cares. Servicemen and women being killed over 2 per day, while it was just over 1 per day before the mission was "accomplished"? Whatever. Bin Laden on the nightly news? Bush is the only one who can take him. Gay marriage? Stop 'em. Civil Unions? Forget it. Tax breaks for the wealthy? It'll trickle down to me. Unfunded NCLB mandates? Bring 'em on. North Korea. Who? Iran. Next on the list? Syria. Right after Iran? Israel/Palestine? Where? Africa. Are you kidding? That's it, folks. A sweeping victory for fearmongering and warmongering. A crushing defeat for lurching the country back on the right track.

Looks like that's that.

I volunteered yesterday to get out the vote for John Kerry. I arose at 4am, and was watching the polls at the Perry Street projects on Louisiana Street most of the morning. During the midday, I helped drive people - mostly elderly and frail - to the polls. It was a miserable day with a chilly, pouring rain. It was a good time. I have to say I was somewhat disappointed that the downtown volunteer effort was a tad...disorganized. Obviously, it's hard to organize for the unforeseen, but volunteers were given a load of options with no real idea of where the most help was most critically needed. They had my cell phone. They had me available all day. I took a day off for this. They had me busy from 5am - 10am. When we returned to Ellicott Square, we were told that there was a critical need for people to drive voters to the polls, especially on the East Side - that we should line up and get our instructions. It was stressed that this was of paramount importance. About 10 people gave their names and cell phone numbers. After waiting for over 30 minutes, many of them then went off to phone bank, and asked that they be contacted via cell phone if they were needed to drive. I was one of maybe 2 people who stuck around to get an initial driving assignment. I finally got one - after waiting about 1 1/2 hours. That was a waste of time. I drove about 10 people to polling places, mostly on the West Side, and one woman on the East Side who, mistaking me for a taxi service, wanted to be dropped off at Tops on Broadway after voting. I took a lunch break and did an afternoon run on the West Side, and then called downtown again. I said I was a volunteer and had a one-hour window to do something that needed critical doing before I had to go home to vote. They said they'd call back and didn't. So I called again, and they didn't have anything for me to do. I went home and voted. I had some dinner and called again to ask if I was needed. Nope. They were all set. Whatever. I'm in a mood full of bitterness and cynicism, but honestly - was anything yesterday volunteer-wise such a surprise that assignments couldn't have been figured out in advance, with a better sense of where resources and people were needed, when? Maybe I helped out. Maybe they're happy with what I did. I fell like my availability and efforts were, to a certain degree, squandered and wasted. Why? My cell phone didn't ring once. Not once. Maybe they had all the help they needed, and then some.


I endorse John Kerry

I don't subscribe to the idea that we must choose the lesser of two evils. We only have a choice to get rid of an evil, and replace him with some new blood. Some new ideas. Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago? Unless you're really wealthy, I doubt that you are. I look forward to an America that re-engages with the rest of the world in a positive way. I look forward to reestablishing and strengthening our traditional alliances around the world. I look forward to a thoughtful and pragmatic foreign policy. I look forward to a White House that will unflinchingly defend our national security, while at the same time protecting and strengthening our national interests. I look forward to a time where we solicit our allies' assistance not by insults, but persuasion. I look forward to a return to a time where preemptive war would only be fought where there was a clear, unassailable objective for which all other options had been exhausted, and for which an exit strategy exists. I look forward to a President who takes counsel from his advisors, informs himself about situations, and is thoughtful when making decisions. I look forward to a President who restores our standing in the world. I look forward to a renewed faith in America and its bodies and processes. I look forward to a further marginalization of hateful fringe groups - no matter their position on the political spectrum. I look forward to an administration that keeps its eye on the ball and never forgets what's important. I look forward to an administration that takes bold action and can also recognize and learn from its own mistakes. I look forward to an administration that seeks not to polarize the country further, but instead seeks to unite us towards common, attainable goals. Please. If you feel as I do, don't forget to vote tomorrow - November 2nd. And if you can, please help out in any way you can, for as much time as possible. Also - join us at 9pm for a party at Ellicott Square headquarters to celebrate the election of John Kerry and John Edwards. BuffaloPundit: "WNYers, GET INVOLVED TODAY! Local Kerry HQ: Ellicott Square Building 295 Main Street, Suite 115 Buffalo, New York 716.853-2511 "

Just so you know...

Whenever you hear someone say "Democrat" instead of "Democratic", (as in, "he's a member of the Democrat party"; or "civil rights are a Democrat principle"), you're dealing with a right-winger. You see, Karl Rove found that "Democrat" polls better with the winger constituency than "Democratic." Just so you know.

Hateful effing Robots

Gee, whiz. Remember all the people who hated Clinton so much that they accused him of murder? Well, those of us who don't care for Bush so much have just endured 4 years of that asshole, and we're doing what the Republicans couldn't get it together to do in 1996. We've mobilized, united and worked hard to fire that sumbitch. And, as prologue, let's not forget that Bush lost the popular vote, and won Florida by just over 500 (five hundred) votes. I predict Kerry will get over 300 electoral votes tomorrow. Here's a smattering of Republican thought on the prospect of a John Kerry presidency:
Lisa Dupler, a 33-year-old from Columbus, held up a rainbow-striped John Kerry sign outside the Nationwide Arena on Friday, as Republicans streamed out after being rallied by George W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger. A thickset woman with very short, dark hair, Dupler was silent and barely flinched as people passing her hissed "faggot" into her ear. An old lady looked at her and said, "You people are sick!" A kid who looked to be about 10 or 11 affected a limp wrist and mincing voice and said, "Oh, I'm gay." Rather than restraining him, his squat mother guffawed and then turned to Dupler and sneered, "Why don't you go marry your girlfriend?" Encouraged, her son yelled, "We don't want faggots in the White House!" The throngs of Republicans were pumped after seeing the president and the action hero. But there was an angry edge to their elation. They shrieked at the dozen or so protesters standing on the concrete plaza outside the auditorium. "Kerry's a terrorist!" yelled a stocky kid in baggy jeans and braces. "Communists for Kerry! Go back to Russia," someone else screamed. Many of them took up the chant "Kerry sucks"; old women and teenage boys shouting with equal ferocity. ... Dave, a 54-year-old electronic technician, said that if Kerry wins, "I'm going to leave the country and go to a Third World nation and start a ranch." His wife, Jenny, laughed and accused him of hyperbole, but he insisted he's been studying Portuguese, the language of Brazil, "so we'll have an escape route." Sitting near him was Greg Swalley, a blond electrical contractor. "I think Kerry is the anti-Christ," he said, only half-joking. "He scares me." ... Looking at the small knot of protesters, many of whom were chanting, "Four more days," 22-year-old Nick Karnes, wearing a knit ski cap and baggy jeans, yelled, "Shut up!" Then he turned to his friend and said, "We can take 'em." "I'm definitely gonna vote for him," Karnes said of Bush. "Because he's been the president for four years and nothing bad has happened since Sept. 11. He's kept me alive for four years." If Kerry becomes president, he said, "We'll be dead within a year." Karnes told me that most of his friends are voting for Bush, too, but a couple are voting for Kerry. "I'm not speaking to them right now," he said. When the crowd came pouring out of the arena, the vitriol only increased. One clean-cut man, holding his son by the hand, yelled "coward!" at one of the protesters. I asked him what made him say that, and he said, "Because he's demeaning our troops by saying they are fighting a lost cause." ... A few of the protesters, meanwhile, were red-faced from yelling at their antagonists about homophobia and budget deficits and a senseless war. Republicans were incensed. A blond woman dragged her young redheaded son toward the protesters, pointed to them, and said, "These are the Democrats," speaking as if she was revealing an awful reality that he was finally old enough to face. As she walked away with a group of other mothers and children, she was so angry she could barely speak. A friend consoled her by promising her that Bush would win. After all, she pointed out, "Look how many more Bush supporters there were on the street!" That calmed the angry blond woman down a little. But she was still mad. "We," she said, stammering and gesturing contemptuously at the demonstrators, "we are the way it should be!"
Nothing but a gang of hateful f_cking robots.


I'm the first one to argue that you've lost an argument when you throw out either the words "Nazi", "fascism" or "Communism". But in this case, there's no other appropriate word. Bush is endorsed by fascists. Fascists who long for a one-party system. Fascists who would sooner kill you than listen to an opposing viewpoint. Fascists who say they would fight for America and what it stands for, while in the next breath rejecting everything America stands for. Courtesy of this fascist blog
Rope. Tree. Justice. The only three things that Qerry deserves for his 'service'.
I wonder whom else "BC" would like to string up to a tree by a rope. I'd love to see the list of future lynchees. After all, this isn't the first time the right in America has: 1. Called for the murder and elimination of people with whom they don't agree; and 2. Held America's enemies in higher esteem than domestic protesters.

Where evil meets stupid

That's a very dangerous intersection - they used to call them black spots - where evil meets stupid. Upon clicking the link above, you'll read the story about a church group in Florida that went out to early-vote together in Florida. A couple of Republican jackasses decided to have some fun with the churchgoing Kerry voters in line. They posed as Kerry supporters and expressed their "support" for issues that might be offensive to religious people - like adoption by gay people, and abortion. Interestingly, there was a documentary crew on hand, and the rethuglicans wilted when the camera pointed in their direction. Here's a picture of the Republican whore who was out trying to suppress the religious African-American vote.