60 Minutes II transcripts

From last night. In two parts. PART ONE IS HERE. PART TWO IS HERE. PART THREE IS HERE. All reports say that it was his best interview yet. "Oh, this I believe in: accountability, responsibility, performance of duty, dedication. That’s what I have built my life around in the United States armed forces. I believe, you know, I love my family and I love my church. I love my faith, but my profession has been a profession of arms, and it's been a profession of duty..." "Well, I told the American Legion that I support just about anything that will strengthen respect for the flag. If that's the amendment that comes through and it's adopted by the states and reach (PH) all those provisions, I'm not going to oppose that amendment. "The flag is something very near and dear and personal to me. Dan, I served under that flag. I saluted that flag. I fought for that flag. And I've seen brave men buried under that flag. It stands for something. And it means something. And we should respect it. And that's what I believe about the flag." General Clark takes on tough issues like Iraq, General Hugh Shelton, the economy, President Bush, his Army career, and many others.

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