Meetup last night

We had a very informative and productive meetup last night at the Brounshidle Hall in Kenmore. As we gear up for petitioning, which runs from 11/26/03 - 1/2/04, we hope to have the actual petitions in our hands earlier that week. We, therefore, plan to hold a large meetup/rally on the Monday or Tuesday before the 26th to distribute petitions, discuss the campaign's progress, introduce new people to the Clark movement and organize for petition gathering. Also - we agreed that all future meetups and organizational meetings will be held at the Brounshidle Hall, regardless of what meetup.com decrees. I do, however, urge everyone to continue participating in the meetup.com process, including voting, and vote for the Brounshidle. We hope soon to have contact information for New York State-wide coordinator Mark Benoit, and when we do, I'll post it here and on the new website, Buffalo/Niagara for Clark.

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