It's quite interesting to watch those who would be opposed to a Clark candidacy - particulary the right-wing - ramp up the anti-Clark smear campaign. Here are their talking points so far:

1. Clark is Dangerous. This stems from an incident that took place at Prishtina Airport in Kosovo in 1999. This is reminiscent of Karl Rove's character assassination of John McCain in the 2000 election. The same crowd that accused McCain of being a "Manchurian Candidate" and "unstable" because of his time as a POW is floating the same trial balloon for Clark. It won't fly. This issue is handled quite nicely here.

2. Clark lied about the White House asking him to link September 11th to Iraq. This, too, is false and is handled quite nicely here.

As Clark's announcement comes closer, expect the smears to get ever more obnoxious and misleading. Given that candidate Clark will be going up against Karl Rove's propaganda machine, it is crucial that Clark supporters be prepared for, and respond to the smears.

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