National Review columnist Rich Lowry brings us the latest hit piece on General Clark.

The reason I post hit pieces is that it is crucial that we be alert and able to respond to the types of lies and misinformation that will meet a Clark candidacy. These guys are legitimately scared, and will stop at nothing to discredit Clark - politically first, then personally.

I find it striking that conservative columnists' opinions regarding the Kosovo campaign tend to support a different Clark - Ramsey. The same folks who would have you believe that protesters against the Iraq war are Ramsey Clark stooges who hate America, are the first to criticize Clinton's Kosovo campaign in the most "America-hating" tones. Just check this article out detailing the 1999 Republican lack of support for the campaign, and the troops fighting it.

In any event, Lowry heaps disdain on the Kosovo war because of its supposed misguided belief that Milosevic would back down "immediately." OK, it wasn't immediate - it took thirty (that's 30) days.

Milosevic is now on trial in the ICTY in the Hague for genocide and war crimes.

Osama bin Laden - who was Enemy #1 2001-2002 - is still on the run.

Saddam Hussein - who is Enemy #1 2002-2003 - is also on the run.

In 1999, Clinton and NATO at least told the truth about why we were bombing Kosovo - to stop a ten-year-long genocidal war started by Milosevic. The West's military action in the Balkans showed that we took seriously the injunction "Never Again" to holocaust and genocide.

In the former Yugoslavia, halting a brutal regime was job #1. In Iraq, regime change was sold as necessary to halt a non-existent WMD program. Halting Saddam's brutality was an ancillary benefit.

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