Karl Rove & L'affaire Plame

Atrios links to a Guardian online story, which states that some of the reporters have privately identified Karl Rove as the source of the Valerie Plame / CIA leak. Someone call Ann Coulter quick - this is treason. I think that Plamegate/Wilsongate will spell the defeat of Bush in 2004, no matter who the Dem candidate is. Furthermore, I think this underscores that it's really the TEENAGERS who are in charge - not the "grownups", as has been alleged. This underscores why the US needs a President like Wesley Clark - someone who served his country valiantly for 34 years - someone who understands what operational secrecy and national security are all about. To the Bushies, National Security means shredding the Bill of Rights and invading troublesome countries with no exit strategy. To the Bushies, National Security means "outing" a covert CIA operative because her husband had the audacity publicly to criticize government policies. The leaking of Plame's secret identity was done solely to get revenge against her husband, and to send a message to others who might dare criticize the Administration's wrongheaded neocon plan for world domination.

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