Analysis of the Campaign

Josh Marshall, an admirer of Clark's, thinks the Clark campaign is losing its focus and doing well in spite of itself. Although he acknowledges that they've done yeoman's work in creating a campaign from whole cloth in just 6 weeks, he's concerned that "the operation is being run by an interlocking directorate of folks who can't be bothered to be more than absentee proprietors of the general's campaign." Later (scroll up from the linked article), Marshall adds a clarification, explaining that the flaws he sees in the campaign staff & structure are by no means fatal to the campaign, "But that doesn't change the fact that the campaign is not organized with a clear message or an evident strategy for winning the nomination. At least that's what I see from where I'm sitting. And this is coming from a real admirer of the candidate." We report, you decide, to coin a phrase.

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