The Debate

I watched most of the debate last night, while switching between the Sox/Yankees game and Survivor. (I taped it and watched most of it at 9pm). Clark and Dean took the most hits last night, which, in my mind, merely underscores the fact that Washingtonians Lieberman and Kerry see them as the biggest threat right now.

I think Clark did a fantastic job parrying jabs that Lieberman, Edwards and Dean threw his way. He's calm, informed, and well-prepared. I'm always struck by just how articulate he is.

Lieberman, on the other hand, seemed shrill and it was obvious that he loves to hear his own voice. Hey, Joe: even a runaway train comes to a stop.

The best line of the night, however,belongs to Sen. John Kerry, who quipped: that one way to get cheaper prescription drugs is "you can hire Rush Limbaugh's housekeeper"

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