On Saturday, October 18, you are invited to attend (and enjoy) the WESLEY CLARK FOR PRESIDENT NYS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE AND RALLY. It will be held in Syracuse, and will be extremely beneficial for local campaign coordinators and volunteers, as well as for everyone who is interested in Wesley Clark. BRING EVERYONE YOU KNOW Send your reservations as soon as possible to and let us know: 1. how many will be attending the midday seminar 2. how many will be at the afternoon rally. A GREAT DAY FOR CLARK IN NEW YORK For local campaign leaders and volunteers, we are starting the day with a seminar, "How to Run a Local Clark Campaign in New York State" from 11 am to 1 pm. It will include experts speaking for 20-30 minutes each on issues such as delegate selection, petition drives, campaign finance do's-and-don'ts, and what to expect and when from Little Rock. AUCTION FOR KOREAN VETS At 2 pm, we are opening the halls to everyone and hoping that EVERYONE is just who will come -- for a rousing, rollicking, roof-raising rally for Wesley Clark, the man who can and will be the next president. To start the afternoon in the spirit of General Clark's commitment to community service, we are holding an auction to benefit disabled Korean War Veterans. The items in the auction have been donated by nationally famous celebrities, from Denzel Washington to Elizabeth Taylor. One of the items is a book to be inscribed personally to the winning bidder by President Bill Clinton! THE BIG RALLY At 2:30, we celebrate the candidacy of Wesley Clark by coming together to speak, listen and cheer. Expect some fantastic and famous speakers. Expect to shout and stomp. This is New York's and especially upstate New York's chance to shine. It will also launch a one-year-and-two-week effort to bring in this state for Clark! The rally will end at about 4 pm. Before, in between and after these events, there will be structured and some un-structured caucus time. In other words, it will be a day full of serious talk and lots of fun, too. We are planning the day carefully, so that most New Yorkers can travel to and from the Conference & Rally in one day. The location of the NYS CLARK LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE AND RALLY is the Birchmeyer Auction House, 301 Hiawatha Blvd. East, at the corner of Park Street. It is just around the corner from the Carousel Mall, and within walking distance of the Regional Transportation Center bus and train station. [ Yahoo! Maps ]
Map of 301 Hiawatha Blvd E
Syracuse, NY 13208-1146
For more information, see:www.geocities.com/NYSClarkLeadership For reservations - SusieQ2371@aol.com Questions - JFenster@dreamscape.com

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