Off-topic humor

Some of you may know that right-wing proto-fascist Rush Limbaugh made an overtly racist comment earlier this week about the Philadelphia Eagles' African-American QB, Donovan McNabb. Limbaugh is taking a lot of heat for his comments, primarily because he made the mistake of speaking them outside the padded four walls of his own show, where his sycophantic audience of "dittoheads" couldn't merely nod their heads in agreement. Now, Limbaugh, in a characteristic display of pathetic "poor me" behavior, is underscoring his complete inability to understand the Constitution of the United States. Limbaugh whines, "We supposedly have freedom of speech in this country." Of course, Limbaugh fails to understand (if stupid), or omits (if merely shrewd) that our 1st Amendment freedom of speech is protected merely against governmental interference. If the general population wants to criticize Limbaugh, they can. If the media want to stick it to Limbaugh, they can. If ESPN, ABC, or Disney want to fire Limbaugh, they can. It's the American way!

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