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Scoobie Davis is all over this story. Edit: Limbaugh's not on the air today (aw shucks). I certainly hope Scoobie's the 1st to call in just the moment El Rushbo returns. Two observations: 1. "What we have here is a little social concern in the N.F.L.," he said. "The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback can do well - black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve."

Read that quote again. It’s an ignorant opinion that makes no sense. First, he accuses the NFL of “social concern”, which is merely code for the NFL practicing what he apparently believes is some sort of unjustified affirmative action.

If McNabb was good enough to become QB for the Eagles, he did it on his own merits, not because of some program.

Then, in the next sentence, Limbaugh somehow drags the media into the fray – that the MEDIA somehow want black coaches and black QBs doing well. I’m not aware of too many instances where the “media” have a particular opinion about anything. I don’t know how radios, TVs and recording devices form opinions, but what do I know? But seriously, Limbaugh doesn’t realize that he is the media. Especially when he tries to go mainstream by joining an ESPN program. He was an unfunny, mean hack when he broadcast a 14-year old Chelsea Clinton’s face while commenting that the picture depicted the family dog, (which, by the way, he tried to argue was an “accident” – but that accident occurred on a tape-to-broadcast show, and could easily have been edited out), and he’s an unfunny, mean, ignorant, racial hack now. 2. "My comments this past Sunday were directed at the media and were not racially motivated," Limbaugh said in a statement issued late Wednesday night. "I offered an opinion. This opinion has caused discomfort to the crew, which I regret."

Discomfort to the crew? Come on. His statement should have read: “My comments this past Sunday were directed at the NFL, and then in a strange non-sequitur, at the media, and were not motivated by any racial animus…I offered an opinion. This opinion was insulting, ignorant, and caused discomfort to the NFL, Donovan McNabb, and the people involved in the production of Sunday NFL Countdown. I am ashamed, and regret the offense that I caused.”

But not Limbaugh…arrogant to the end.

Maybe it was the oxycontin talking.

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