Meetings and Meetups

Watch this space and don't forget to join the BuffaloforClark Yahoo! Group to obtain updates regarding the next series of organizing meetings.

The period to obtain petitions to get General Clark on the Ballot in all of New York's Congressional Districts begins on November 26th and runs through January 2, 2004. We only have about 6 weeks to get the signatures we need. This will be the most important task we face between now and the March primary. If we can't get Clark on the ballot, getting out the March vote will be somewhat moot.

Although meetup.com is a good tool, we cannot rely solely on that tool for organizing. We must meet more frequently in more conducive settings than Spot Coffee (good as their capp is).

I still plan on attending future meetups, as should everyon. I urge everyone please to vote for the Brounshidle hall at http://clark2004.meetup.com

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