A Message from General Clark

Dear Friends: It's been an exciting three weeks. What began with a small group of citizens concerned about the direction of the country has now become a political force to be reckoned with. We all should be proud of how far we've come. In the last three weeks, we have: - Criss-crossed the country, from Florida to California, New Hampshire to Iowa. - Raised $3.5 million dollars. - Opened the national headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas, where we will remain centered throughout the 2004 campaign. - Laid out an aggressive plan to put Americans back to work. You've probably heard that Donnie Fowler, who helped us launch this ambitious campaign, has decided to move on. We appreciate how much he did to meld your grassroots movement with the mechanics of building a winning presidential bid. He is among the few who truly grasp how the Internet has changed campaigning. We thank him for his work and applaud his vision, and look forward to working together in the future. We are now moving into the next phase of our campaign under the leadership of Eli Segal, who served as founding CEO of AmeriCorps, the national service initiative launched in 1993, and has a distinguished record of campaign successes. On Monday, October 13, we're inviting early supporters and new ones to come together in cities across the country in a large MeetUp. Please see www.clark04.com to find your local chapter. I'll be appearing via Webcast to give you the first word on our upcoming campaign plans and events. Thank you again for the energy and commitment you're bringing to the campaign. Sincerely, Wes Clark

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