Albany Dysfunction

Here's how the Niagara Falls Reporter's David Staba characterizes the bullshit and back-patting out of Albany
"'As a member of this house for 11 years, I am more proud than ever,' said Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo, a Democrat from the Bronx. Arroyo and others in the Assembly and Senate then actually applauded each other managing to sort of get their jobs done on time, as required by the state Constitution, for the first time in two decades. It's a bit like the entire crew at your local fast-food outlet spontaneously applauding after getting your Triple Mega-Cheeseburger from microwave to counter without it getting dropped in a bucket of old mop water or being spat upon by a disgruntled fry guy. So what if your soda was flat, and the cashier forgot to give you your change? "

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