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First of all, Tom is NOT unbiased and was never presented to be so. He is a talk show host with opinions. He also, by the way, is a conservative but has his OWN ideas and opinions.
That's all he has - opinions. It's facts of which he could use more.
As for the "poor family" on the air with Tom when Terri Schiavo passed away? They called to thank us for handling it in such a compassionate manner. I'm more concerned with their reaction to how it was handled. We had no control of how the timing worked out. Thanks for listening and for taking time to comment.
He's right. They were probably THRILLED to be Tom Bauerle's little exclusive du jour. After all, the entire extended Schindler family was only too eager to whore themselves out to any and all media outlets that would have them. Tim Wenger Operations Manager/Program Director WBEN/WGR/WWKB 716 843 0611 716 843 0250(fax) twenger@entercom.com

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