Kevin Hardwick has a Posse

Kevin Hardwick has a radio show on Saturdays on WBEN. Too bad for him no one really listens to am radio on Saturdays, but I respect him, wish him well, and hope they move him to weekdays and stick Limbaugh someplace else. Yesterday, Giambra was on and he called for the resignations of Tokasz and Volker. Not gonna happen, but he's making some points: Point #1: I'm not the villain any more; love me. Point #2: I get it. Well, as to point #1, he can eff off. His bumbling and his ego turned a fiscal mess into a genuine, full-blown crisis. That's not leadership; that's idiocy. As to point #2, it's about fricking time. He claims now to want to join up with FixAlbany's Tom Suozzi to help get rid of all NYS legislature incumbents. Since FixAlbany has existed since last year, I question why Giambra is so very late catching that available bus.

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