Protecting the sanctity of marriage

This is rich. Via Jesus' General, we learn of a Tennessee state senator who asserted that granting marriage/civil union rights to homosexuals would destroy the institution of marriage. Turns out Senator Miller isn't just a homophobe. He's a hypocrite, too. You see, Senator Miller cheated on his wife with his legislative aide. Of course, since it's not about the sex, but the lying, Senator Miller (R) initially denied the affair, but is now beginning to come clean about it. Miller's also pretty blunt about his homophobia. Although he denies being phobic of anything, he quite obviously is. Also interesting, Senator Miller apparently grew some facial hair to prove his virility in response to the outing of his brother. When a democratic state senator proposed adding a ban on adultery to Tennessee's "defense of marriage" act, Senator Miller did not sign on. Surprise, surprise, as Gomer Pyle might say.

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