Love is in the air

Look at the two lovebirds. Look at them holding hands, loving each other. Look at them sending a message to al Qaeda and other islamist radicals; the leader of the free world holding hands with a despotic Wahhabist monarch-in-waiting. Look at me, paying $2.29 for gas two years after we invaded a country with massive oil reserves. Look at Bush, and what he said while campaigning for the job he's held since 2001:
In January 2000, with oil prices at nearly $28 a barrel, Bush called on President Clinton to ``jawbone OPEC'' to get prices to retreat. ``What I think the president ought to do,'' he said while campaigning in New Hampshire where heating oil prices were soaring, ``is he ought to get on the phone with the OPEC cartel and say, `We expect you to open your spigots!''' Two months later Bush was in Florida and suggested as president he would use his ``political capital'' with Mideast producers. ``These are countries where it wasn't all that long ago that a President Bush helped Kuwait,'' he reminded voters, alluding to his father and the Gulf War. ``I think Americans ought to be asking where's all the capital we earned overseas after defending some of our OPEC nation friends?'' Bush said in October during a campaign speech in Knoxville, Tenn.
Indeed. Heh.

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