Cheesecake Refinery

I'm very partial to a bunch of chain restaurants that don't exist here. Chief among them are the Cheesecake Factory (which I call refinery), and California Pizza Kitchen. I also like Chevy's and Bertuccis. My all-time fave is probably the Border Cafe in Cambridge & Saugus. A Trader Joe's would be nice, too. I'm such a geek that I've actually sent emails to some of the chains, begging them to come to WNY. So far, no luck. But my luck might be changing. Craig comments on an article about a possible (and needed) $50 million expansion at the Walden Galleria. Pyramid wants to create a village-style entry and add some hitherto-unknown restaurants to the mall. (To get an idea of what they're probably after, check out the Eastview Mall in Victor (near Rochester)). Among them is the Cheesecake Factory. I don't want to get into Craig's whole Bass Pro commentary. Instead, I have two words: Avocado Eggrolls.

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