When Wilmers Speaks...

Our local politicians really ought to STFU and listen.
"Our elected leaders and legislative bodies -- including the (Erie County) Legislature, the (Buffalo) Common Council and the Buffalo Board of Education -- fight with each other and amongst themselves,' he said. 'At one time or another, all have been public embarrassments. 'And speaking of embarrassment? Has there been any worse than the reports in the national media that Proctor and Gamble, when it learned of a particular supply shortage that had resulted from Erie County's financial problems, sent us a free truckload of toilet paper? People remember stories like that,' he said. Wilmers has been one of the original members of the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority -- commonly known as the Buffalo Control Board -- since its inception in 2003. Of the city, he said, 'You can't spend what you don't have. When a city's population and tax base both decline, its government must get smaller. There are, however, many in the city unwilling to accept that fact of life.' To improve conditions in the region, holding the line on new taxes would be a start, Wilmers said. 'Living within our means is crucial. But we must do much more. Even if we do not undertake government consolidation, our many governments must work together to limit duplication and reduce costs ...' And, he emphasized: 'Civility must become our norm.' It's time to stop arguing, he said, and instead, 'forge a new social compact. It's time to work together.' "
Unfortunately, Wilmers might as well be farting in a breeze.

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