I'm somewhat busy today, so posting will be light. I watched the newest installment of the US version of the Office last night, and I still like it. Sue me. I do, however, thing that Carrell's character is a lot meaner than Gervais'. The WNY Coalition for Progress' Progress Report had its premiere broadcast yesterday afternoon on AM-1270 WHLD. For an amateur program, it sure sounded professional. Great work. Apparently I gave a bit of a shock to the guest when I argued for abolishing county government. Good. People need to be shocked. I don't remember if it'll be Also watched the Amazing Race last night and was satisfied that Lynn & Alex came in last place. I didn't like their attitudes. As usual, Waveflux.net has the definitive roundup of last night's doings & undoings. (Thanks for the traffic yesterday!). But I still have to give all respect to Rob & Amber for playing the race brilliantly and more effectively than any prior team I can think of. And they haven't fought with each other once.

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