Switch on Buffalo

This deserves a plug. Back in January, a Buffalonian wrote this letter to the Buffalo News:
I would like to see Buffalonians focus on the positive aspects of our city, rather than whining about all that we have lost in the past few decades. In that spirit, I would like to suggest that we celebrate the Pan-American Exposition every year. One of the biggest attractions was the Electric Tower, which was first lit on May 5, 1901. It celebrated our region's generation of hydroelectric power and was emblazoned in tinted lights of blue, green, ivory and gold. The tower, of course, is long gone. But the city still has neighborhoods full of fabulous turn-of-the-century residences - everything from simple Victorian farmhouses to Delaware Avenue mansions. For the month of May, why don't we neighbors in Allentown, Elmwood Village, Parkside, Delaware Park, etc., trim our homes with lights every night to celebrate our architecture as well as this heritage? Will tourists come in droves to see our new version of the "City of Light"? Perhaps. Regardless, wouldn't this be a way to instill pride, celebrate Buffalo and herald the start of our fabulous Buffalo summers? Cynthia Hammond Buffalo
From that sprung "Switch on Buffalo". Here's their press release [pdf]. So, if you live in the city, help turn Buffalo into the "City of Light" this May and every May and celebrate our rich architectural heritage.

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