Volker swings back

WNY Media Network has the full text.
"First, in partnership with Thomas Suozzi (President for the NYS County Executives Association and County Executive of Nassau County), Joel Giambra traveled around the state pushing for Medicaid Reform, specifically a cap on this health program for county governments. Last week, the State Legislature did just that and placed a cap on the Medicaid Program. In fact, the same Thomas Suozzi who Joel Giambra likes to mention in his reform movement recently sent me a letter thanking me and the members of the State Legislature for passing a cap on the Medicaid Program (See Attached Letter). It is obvious that Joel Giambra and Thomas Suozzi are not on the same page. "
Volker calls Giambra's sudden embrace of Suozzi's movement a marriage of convenience. He's right. It must be KILLING HRH Joel I that he has to share the spotlight with Suozzi, who has OWNED the Medicaid/reform Albany issue for over a year.

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