The Political Class

Jim Ostrowski: A Milovan Djilas for our time?! The self-important Mr. Ostrowski responds to non-existent rumors that make him feel important, and says this:
"Here's the bottom line. Free Buffalo's agenda is opposed by, you guessed it, the political class. These people have been living high on the hog for 45 years at our expense. There is little they won't do to keep their hold on power. They'll lie, cheat, defame, corrupt justice and God knows what else. Mendacity is the foundation of their entire enterprise. I know. I've been on the receiving end of their malice for 27 years. The irony is that their bitterness betrays their own estimate of what privileged lives they lead. They realize how difficult it is to make a living in this town in the non-union private sector. They are so bitter and fight so hard and viciously against us because they don't won't to be private sector saps like us! What's the matter, people, don't want to work the nightshift at a convenient store for seven dollars an hour? Neither do we, but that's the economy you gave us. Free Buffalo!!!"
I didn't know all of you worked the night shift at the convenience store! I ought to tell my boss about that - I've been neglecting my convenience-store duties. I also didn't know that every person who is not a member of Free Buffalo is a member of the political class. Heck, I guess I'm a member of the political class. Pundits of the World, Unite!

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