Downtown livin'

Let's not dwell on the negative, 'kay? Lest anyone think we're all about doom, gloom, etc., here's some great news for downtown Buffalo.
: "An independent analysis of the downtown Buffalo housing market predicts that the urban core could support 1,900 new residential units over the next five years. 'Believe absolutely that Buffalo is at the beginning of what is possible in terms of downtown housing. You have enormous possibilities and potential,' said Laurie Volk, lead researcher for the report on the future of the downtown residential market. "
How do we help this market grow? We need more condos to sell, and less rentals. Also:
Offering gap financing to assist developers who take on projects that require hefty upfront costs and lengthy payback periods. Marketing aggressively to boost awareness of downtown housing opportunities. Targeting surface parking lots in emerging urban neighborhoods as building sites. Making city permit and inspection processes developer-friendly to encourage creative reuse of existing downtown structures.
Downtown has so much potential, and it's so very ripe for the picking.

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