The Soviet Socialist Republic of Erie County

CОВЕТСКИХ СОЦИАЛИСТИЧЕСКИХ РЕСПУБЛИК ИРИЙ КОУНТИЙ Our own Erie County Legislature has employed a common Stalinist/Orwellian trick - when the actual history is messy, just alter the record! Why, I'd not be surprised to find Al DeBenedetti's face airbrushed out of future photos of the leg. Specifically, to quote the Snews:
"Without comment days ago, the Erie County Legislature approved the sanitized minutes of its late-night session of Dec. 8, when members ramming through a 2005 budget turned their collective back on their own rules. The Legislature's record of that night, now official, makes no mention of the procedural errors that triggered a trio of lawsuits, one of which continues. "
And who, might I ask, was behind the messiness in the first place? Why the hack's hack, Chuck "don't call me a Democrat" Swanick and George "I plead the 5th" Holt. They set aside Leg rules on December 8th to ensure that a $1.1 billion budget for a governmental body that we don't even objectively need gets passed asap. What with Holt's office refusing to pay rent on certain legislators' offices, one almost feels like Cusack, Ranzenhofer, DeBenedetti (et al) are today's Zinoviev, Trotsky and Kamenev.

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