Buffalo Mayoral Race

A Zogby poll shows Masiello to be in trouble. The frontrunners are Byron Brown and Sam Hoyt. Jesus, what a choice. I like Calvaneso and Gaughan - smart guys who aren't politicians and have managed to get things done around here. For all of Sam Hoyt's grandstanding and showboating over eminent domain on the West Side, it was Chuck Schumer who actually got that taken care of. Byron Brown is a democrat in the NYS Senate. That and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee. Buffalo needs fresh faces and new ideas. Not the same old, same old. Until Byron Brown lays out a fresh, progressive (dictionary definition) vision for Buffalo, I'll withhold judgment. And to those who say I shouldn't care because I'm not a city resident, tough shit. I work in the city every day. I care because the city is the center of this community/region. As the city goes, so go the suburbs.

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