Music Meme

Julia in Jamestown posts about music. I'm in. 1. What’s the total size of music files on your computer? About 5GB. On my iMac and my iPod. 2. What is the last CD you bought? U2- How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (to coincide with purchase of iPod. What can I say, cross-marketing works). 3. What is the last song you listened to before you read this post? "Godspeed" - Dixie Chicks. I started my iPod on shuffle mode, and this randomly came up first. Of course, I bought the Dixie Chicks' "Home" the moment they became a winger target and object of Clear Channel embargoes. Julia blogged that she was listening to "Drop it Like It's Hot." I love Snoop & I love that song. 4. Name four songs that you listen to a lot or that mean a lot to you. That MEAN a lot to me? I sort of got over that in College, to a degree. Now I just cycle through music that I enjoy. To that end: a. Outkast "Prototype": On Andre 3000's "Love Below", I love the bassline. b. Outkast "Bowtie": On Big Boi's "Speakerboxx"; catchy as hell. c. Black Eyed Peas: Tie between "Hands Up" and "Shut Up." Great music by a great group. Latter-day Fugees. d. Evanescence: "Bring me to Life". I don't know why this aging, agnostic Deadhead likes Evanescence, but I do. So sue me. If I might break the rules and add a fifth entry, anything on the first 4 albums or so by Madness (One Step Beyond through and including Rise and Fall) is ok by me. 5. Which three people are you passing the baton on to and why? Whomever wants to.

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