Clinton at Canisius

I have no affiliation whatsoever with Canisius College or the Catholic Church (although my family is nominally Catholic, we don't practice). My beliefs are mine alone and I don't feel the need to participate in any sort of organized prayer or worship. That's just me. Although in the past, I would go to a Catholic church to celebrate holy days such as Easter and Christmas, I won't do it anymore. I'll only go for a wedding or funeral, out of respect. Why? I can't deal with a Church that, for decades (if not centuries) has denied and refused to deal with reports of ongoing, widespread child abuse. Instead of punishing the evil, sadistic "humans" who prayed to the Virgin Mary and preyed on little boys, the church just "reassigned" them to other parishes, where the abuse would soon continue and a whole new crop of young people would be victimized. If you think about it, the church de facto sanctioned such abuse by omission. Yet a person who believes in abortion rights, or gets divorced is to be ostensibly denied communion. A priest who has consensual heterosexual sex must be defrocked, but a priest who commits homosexual rape on a boy is simply reassigned. If that's "values", then I'm not interested. Senator Hillary Clinton - she who gets the right's trousers all bunched up - has been invited to speak at Canisius by the school's student Democrats. Any institution of higher learning would be honored to host a sitting Senator. To its credit, Canisius' administration has welcomed Clinton and understands the need for open speech - especially on campus. Bishop Kmiec, however, is disappointed that this sitting Senator is coming to speak at a Catholic college, and has withdrawn Church ministry and Catholic Charities sponsorship of the event. In a chilling display of hypocrisy, however, Kmiec said he would grudgingly allow Clinton's speech to take place so that "lines of communication" could be left open with her. If I was her, I'd tell the Bishop to stick his lines of communication and never come to me for help ever in the future for any reason. By the way. Clinton was invited by pro-choice Catholic and Democratic (former) Rep., John LaFalce. Clinton is speaking at 1:15 p.m. Monday in the Montante Cultural Center as part of Canisius' "Corporal Works of Mercy" lecture series. I'm glad to see the anti-Clinton, pro-church people are maintaining their cool composure, though:
I have faith in the people of America to discern what the beast's real position is, and the more it gets out the better. I'm counting on "my eyes were blind but now I can see"...Let her roll on and expose what a marxist fast talkin' lying bitch she really is. Have faith, people.

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