Hillary's day in Buffalo

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) was in town today giving speeches. One was to the Saturn Club, and one at Canisius College on health care. The Senator collapsed at the Saturn Club speech due to a stomach virus. She was treated at the scene and not hospitalized. The Senator left under her own power, and ultimately gave a 45-minute speech at Canisius. You have to admire her for that. At the time the story broke, I was in the car listening to Rush Limbaugh. I can't stand Rush, but there's little else on during the day. The story broke that Hillary collapsed, but nothing more was known. I was waiting for Limbaugh to show a shred of decency and say that he hoped that this sitting Senator - whom he had actually met and spoken with cordially in the past - was alright. But no such class or dignity or decency sprung forth from Limbaugh's formerly nicotine-stained and more recently oxycontin-lovin' lips. He made some phony noises about whether they needed to start mourning or go to their affiliates. No class. Nothing. I hope the Senator is doing well, and I trust that her speech was well-received by open minds at Canisius.

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