Sandy Beach

I have GOT to stop listening to Sandy Beach on my way home from work. It's too infuriating sometimes. I actually called in on Tuesday when they were discussing a private business that was banning its employees from smoking - on the job or off. Yesterday the topics included "is Joel Giambra finished" (paraphrasing). Of course he is. Everyone knows it, and unfortunately we're stuck for 3 more years with this technicolor albatross around our necks. But then some callers started in, criticizing the criticism that some had expressed against the Lakefront Development Group's downtown proposal. The theme? "It's only out a day, and they're already coming down on it." (paraphrasing). Well, geniuses, it hasn't been out a "day." It's been out a MONTH. And there was a commenting period through January 10th. And a lot of people (me included) expressed reservations about the "winning" proposal for many weeks. The problem is that the NFTA selected the most ambitious, costly and most tax-money-laden plan over two competing, more moderate proposals. We have no idea whatsoever which plan the majority of public comments supported. I honestly thought the Lakefront Development plan had no chance of approval because it was so massive and costly. Anyway, I'm so infuriated when I hear people whining about...well, whining. They go on the air to whine about people who don't knee-jerkedly agree with and support every crazy, idiotic, e-zone-esque pipe-dream, taxpayer-costly proposal that some subsidy-hungry developer or monarchical politician dreams up.

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