Esmonde writes Masiello's political obit...

...but he's jumping the gun a bit, IMHO. Esmonde is obviously quite fed up with Tony, and writes
"The farewell is overdue, both on merit and circumstance. Many suspected he was beatable four years ago, which prompted Gaughan's try for the Republican endorsement. But Joel Giambra stepped in, sideswiped Gaughan and delivered the Republican line to Masiello. Denying voters a choice that November is another reason for folks to shout a loud, insincere, 'Thank you, Joel.' The county executive since learned a lesson about counting on Masiello. The mayor who Giambra thought he could control did an about-face on a police merger and, now, a 180-degree spin on Giambra's push for a city-county government. The good news is that this year, we get what we should have had four years ago: A choice. And, unless Masiello pulls the biggest upset since David nailed Goliath, we'll get a change. Change isn't always for the better. In this case, it's hard to see how we can do worse. "
Yeah, but can we do BETTER? I think we can with Gaughan or Calvaneso. I don't think we can with political hacks Brown and Hoyt. The last thing I want is a state legislator - from the most dysfuncational state legislature in the Country (if not the world) as the chief executive of Buffalo. But Esmonde is dead-on about Giambra. It's a reminder that Giambra working against the interests of the people of Buffalo and Erie County goes back a long way. He's a hack. He's a clown. He must be defeated in his next election; whether by primary or general election. Joel Giambra is not a reformer. Joel Giambra is not a fiscal conservative, much less fiscaly responsible. Joel Giambra is a hack, surrounded by cronies and yes-men. He makes Tony Masiello look like Disraeli.

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