Pho 99

Ho Van Nguyen's Pho 99 stands in the shadow of City Hall. On that very spot, the Federal Government is slated to build a massive Courthouse. Since New York is a blue state, however, Bush Administration largesse for such things as courthouses is being directed...elsewhere. IN the meantime, Ho - who was told to vacate by last Spring - is stuck in a quandary. He's still paying the mortgage for his current location, which he bought for $250,000. He also then sunk another $80,000 to make it work. When told he'd have to vacate (which is now put off indefinitely), he bought a property up Niagara Street at auction. He pays $10,000 in property tax to the city on that property every year. It lies empty. The Feds are offering him $175,000 in eminent domain money. This guy risked his life to come to this country after escaping Communism. One of his children died in the crossing. And he gets dicked around by some faceless Washington bureaucrats.
"Ho Van Nguyen knew about the freedom in America. Nobody told him about the bureaucracy."
Go get some food over there. It's very good and I frequent it a lot. He's also got a location on Bailey near UB South.

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