Clark, Gallivan & Naples v. Giambra

This week, Giambra started printing out 3,000 pinkslips for county workers. Unfortunately for Giambra, at least as far as the Sheriff, DA, and Comptroller are concerned, the CE doesn't have the power to fire people on those staffs. He can only recommend firings to the legislature, which can then vote on them. DA Frank Clark, Sheriff Pat Gallivan, and Comptroller Nancy Naples are refusing to sign Giambra's layoff notices, and they are all going to court to prevent Giambra from illegally firing their staffs. I swear, we joke that Giambra is a King, but he really behaves like one. He has no consideration for the law or rules, and just wants to do whatever he wants. It's petty, childlike, and idiotic. He's bringing the whole region down. God, I hope he quits. Please. Anyway, here are some choice quotes from Naples via WIVB-TV4:
Erie County Comptroller Nancy Naples said, "I don't think the County Executive has the right to tell me how many people or who and how much they should earn." Naples says she's prepared to file a lawsuit to stop pending layoffs in her department. Her office hand-delivered a letter Friday to County Executive Joel Giambra. It says she's recalling all layoff notices impacting her office. Naples says the budget crisis shouldn't be a surprise, and that both the legislature and Giambra were warned over the summer. Naples said, "[In] June, they knew that they would be facing a huge problem, and everybody turned a blind eye to it. As far as I'm concerned, everyone is to blame."
Bingo. Glad to see Ms. Naples doing her job. Oh, and King Joel is unavailable for comment.

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