Sam Hoyt's unfit

Assemblyman Sam Hoyt was interviewed briefly by Channel 4 yesterday regarding sales-tax free week.
"Even though State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt says he'd like to see a permanent reduction in the state sales tax on clothing, a looming deficit will likely keep the savings to two weeks rather than 52."
Hoyt went on to say that the problem is, when you abolish the sales tax - even a very targeted and specific tax, as the one on clothes under $110 - the state loses revenue. And the state needs to recoup that revenue somewhere. In other words, that's Albany's money, and dammit Albany needs that money. From whatever source possible, by whatever means necessary. Here's an earth-shattering notion for Assemblyman Hoyt: HOW ABOUT YOU CUT SOME SPENDING TO MAKE UP FOR THE LOST REVENUE ON SALES TAX FROM KIDS' SCHOOLCLOTHES? That thought never crossed his mind, and certainly didn't pass his lips. He is, therefore, unfit. Unfit for the Assembly. Unfit to be Mayor of Buffalo. Un - effing - fit. 'Kay?

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