Pennies from Hell

Via Illuzzi's letter, I find a press release from Senator Dale Voker on the various and sundry penny sales taxes on the table. Right now, EC Sales tax is 8.25%. 1% of that is "temporary" and has been for many years. Kind of like the "temporary" tolls on the Thruway. So, practically, we're only supposed to be paying 7.25%, but because of fiscal malfeasance and nonmanagement, the State Legislature has to approve that extra, "temporary" penny every single year. They just did it again. What's still pending is Giambra's additional penny request. Volker says Albany won't consider it unless there's a 2/3 vote in the EC Leg for this "homerule message." The 2/3 isn't there. We should just make that the theme of every EC Executive campaign from here on in - a new County Executive, a new penny tax!

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