The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is the best show on television, IMHO. I don't really have time to summarize each episode. So instead, read Waveflux's extremely detailed synopsis of last night's goings on. As commentary, let me add that I'm thrilled that Ray & Deana are out. Ever since Colin & Christie, that show's had a villain team (remember Jonathan last season?) Ray was the villain this season, and he was a total prick to Deana. Good riddance. Rob & Amber I have a lot of respect for; they're playing the game better than, I think, any team that's come before. They'r really using the rules to their advantage, and the other teams are completely and detrimentally preoccupied with them. Rob Mariano is a brilliant strategist and extremely persuasive, and he and Amber have been getting along wonderfully as a team. That teamwork not only explains why I like them, but why they're doing so well.

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