Schiavo & Conservatism

William F. Buckley is genteely outraged by the religious whackos insisting on Terri Schiavo's continued existence, despite her own wishes. Andrew Sullivan also decries what he calls the "conservative crack-up". But the most outraged, and most eloquent conservative expressing disgust at the patent use of Terri Schiavo as a political tool by the theocratic right, is John (don't call me Juan) Cole.
When Terri Schiavo is finally allowed to slip past her cruel fate and move on to a better place, she will not be the only one to have died this month. At another gravesite, this marker should be erected: Barry Goldwater's Conservatism in America 1964-2005
Hopefully, l'affaire Schiavo will help the republican party shed the theocrats and the rest of the loony right fringe.

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