Revitalize Buffalo

A promising group that is apolitical, and has a lot of great ideas, including the promotion of:

  • The urban experience;
  • Acquisition & renovation of a building to create a business incubator;
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Neighborhood revitalization/beautification

All they need is a group of motivated people who love Buffalo, want to keep people here, and attract people and business here. "Our vision is to help build a smarter and cooler Buffalo and to enhance the region’s profile as an exciting and vibrant community by mobilizing the bright, creative and hard-working people of Buffalo and the region." So, if you're bright, creative and hard-working (or think you are), please visit www.revitalizebuffalo.org and join. Their next meeting is Thursday, April 28, 7 PM at the Delaware Park Casino (behind Albright-Knox). Please sign up and attend.

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