Spiralling upwards...again

I posted "Spiralling upward" a few days ago, and an interesting discussion has taken place. Here's one comment:
... The person quoted in the article is JUST the kind of person y'all should be listening to. Remember, as people leave your taxes will continue to increase to make up the slack.
Except that there ought to be less people who need services, arguably. And spare me the "y'all" schtick. If you're a Buffalonian living in Atlanta, "y'all" is merely a pathetic attempt to fit in.
Heck, I save over 6K each year in taxes by living anyplace besides WNY... I use that 6K to buy products and services from locals to keep the Georgia economy working. Imagine if every home owner in WNY had an extra 6K to spend, the WNY economy would be booming.
Maybe you're right. But you know what else? That property tax and other state taxes that you pay are a straight deduction off your federal return. New Yorkers pay less federal tax and/or get a larger refund than people in other states due to our local tax burden. (Not saying that's necessarily good - just a fact)./
If I stayed in WNY, that 6K spent would have been spent on goverment services that I do not use, and have no need for.
Yeah. Who needs parks, museums, roads, filled potholes, and plowed roads?
so, ignore these people, and remember last person to leave Buffalo, please turn off the lights
I cannot tolerate the arrogant pricks who leave WNY, and then express nothing but hatred and disdain for their native region. If you hate it, fine. Just STFU about it, 'kay? Some of us prefer to live in an area chock-full of cultural attractions and natural wonders. I'll take the Albright-Knox over the Coke museum, thanks. Some of us enjoy dry, sunny summer days that seldom hit 90, instead of hot, sticky, muggy 100+ degree days. (That electric bill you have for running the a/c all year 'round whittles away at your precious 6k fictitious number). Some of us enjoy a comparatively traffic-free commute to work over the snarled stop 'n go you get in places like Atlanta. Some of us enjoy a complete lack of natural disasters (except the infrequent snow dump); no earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, or tornadoes. Some of us recognize that WNY isn't perfect, but we're willing to work hard to make change for the better. But if you choose to leave and then express hatred towards WNY when you've gone, don't let the door hit you on your ass on the way out.

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