Schiavo Primary Sources

I beg you to ignore CNNMSNBCFNC, etc. I beg you to please ignore the semi-informed WBEN, and the local news on the Schiavo issue. All of them are operating under the assumption that the horror isn't the fact that this woman with no cerebral cortex is being kept alive against her will, but that this person who has no ability to feel feelings (including hunger and pain) will suffer when the feeding tube is kept out. Removal of feeding tubes from people in Terri Schiavo's state is a daily occurrence. It is humane; not cruel. In any event, I present you with the primary sources, which you can use to make up your own mind. Here is the final text of the bill Bush signed into law at 1:30 Monday morning. Here is the motion filed by attorneys for Schiavo's parents, the Schindlers, in federal court as a result of the federal congress' grant of subject matter jurisdiction in the federal court. Here is the federal judge's decision denying the Schindlers' request for temporary injunctive relief. Next stop: Federal Court of Appeals.

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