Some kid came up to my kid today and said: If you do something bad to someone, all you have to do is pray to God and you'll be forgiven. Maybe some of you are saying, "awwwww. How sweet." I wanted to barf. Those, frankly, aren't the "values" I'm teaching my kid. Our values are: If you do something bad to someone, show them that you're sorry. Don't just pay lip service - really and truly show and tell them that you're sorry. God doesn't enter into it. And I don't need fricking 8 year-olds proselytizing to my 4 year-old. But it explains why people are so rude nowadays - nary a thank you, seldom a please. Hardly any holding open of doors, rare use of turn signals. But it doesn't matter how you actually treat others - as long as you pray to God, I guess, you'll be forgiven. I want to barf. Oh, yeah. Happy Easter.

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