School Taxes

Whoa. Courtesy of the BuffaloBlogger, I come across this material from a News story:
Suburban school administrators are beginning to worry about this "taxpayer revolt" and they are quaking in their boots. Here are a few reasons for the worry: 78% of the suburban schools 242 adminstrators make more than $103,428 (why use $103,428 as the guide?? that's what the county executive makes) Those schools saw just 66 more students this year over last but spent $51 million more than the previous year... that increased school taxes by 17% Superintendents say "like it or not" school tax hikes should be expected again this year The median base pay for teachers is $50,666 but a handful are either getting close to or are already past the $100,000 mark
Schools are going to have to justify these kinds of budgets and salaries. Especially where enrollment is down, and scores aren't where they should be. I don't mind paying for good schools, but I do mind money going to waste.

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