The New York Times has a story today that is quite sad, IMO. It's a story about 14-year-old hockey players taking a fricking game a liiiittle too seriously. Ok, fine. No kid wants to lose a game, and it's great to have a hobby. That's not the sad part; the parents are what scare me.
"'You don't want to be the father of the kid who screws up,' said Bruno Odoardi, whose son, Nick, is a Royals' defenseman. 'And believe me, on this team they let you know.' Mr. Odoardi, who owns an auto repair shop, is one of many Royals parents who spend several nights a week in ice rinks and have invested tens of thousands of dollars in their sons' hockey careers. "
Imagine if that much time, money, and effort was spent on the kid's studies?

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