It's all about perception

It is indeed. When you recreate in Florida the day after laying off 2000+ of your employees, that's perceived negatively. When you own a Corvette convertible and a pricey condo in the Keys on a $42,000 salary, and then deny it, that's perceived negatively. When you vote to raise the sales tax, yet are yourself late in paying sales taxes from your business to the state, that's perceived negatively. When you give Erie County's money to a local charity, which then funnels the money to your brother's defunct basketball camp in Texas, that's perceived negatively. When you're caught in about three separate scandals within the course of a month, and then claim you're being targeted because of racism, that's stupid and perceived way negatively. When you're the head of the county's budget and finance department, but you're persistently late in paying your own property and school taxes, that, too, is perceived negatively. And all of that makes us average citizens raging with fury. Good day.

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