Free enterprise

Yesterday, I scoffed at NYS GOP chair Minarik's statement that Eliot Spitzer is a "job killer". Scoff. Craig, on the other hand, reacts positively to Minarik's characterization.
Good. I know it should be obvious. I mean, even Hannah the BuffaDog knows that Spitzer is deeply distrustful of free enterprise, but I wasn't too sure if the Republicans had picked up on it.
Spitzer is not distrustful of free enterprise. Spitzer is distrustful of cheating, deceitful businesses that commit fraud upon innocent consumers. But I guess to Minarik and his gang, that _is_ free enterprise. I think it's more pro-free-enterprise to pursue businesses that don't play by the rules and thereby obtain an unfair advantage over the poor schmuck who is fair to his customers and competitors.

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