South Park on Schiavo

I don't know how many of you watch South Park, but it's still fresh, funny, and chock-full of oft-not-subtle social commentary. Last night's episode was no exception. Last night, when Kenny died, he went to heaven, and it was revealed that his prowess playing a heaven vs. hell videogame on his new PSP was a test by God; since Kenny is the only kid to reach level 60, he's the only one who can direct the forces of good to defeat the forces of evil. (Evil outnumbering Good by about a billion to ten thousand). But the doctors revived Kenny, but he was in a persistent vegetative state. They installed a feeding tube. As that was happening, Kyle, Stan & Cartman were having Kenny's will read to them. Kyle & Stan got all of Kenny's possessions except one; Cartman got the PSP. The last line of the will was "if I'm ever in a persistent vegetative state, I ..." and the last page was missing. Cartman instantly made up a story that Kenny had told him he didn't want to be kept alive (so he could get the PSP). Kyle & Stan launched a media campaign to keep Kenny's feeding tube in. Obviously, the angels are upset that their savior's soul is no longer in heaven, and they come to Earth to ensure that the feeding tube is pulled. Satan's minions, on the other hand, do what they always do: use the Republicans. Satan's boyfriend whispering lines to a Republican congressman on the Capitol steps. The climax: the two competing groups arguing with each other over Kenny's body. The lawyer runs in and exclaims that he's found the missing last page: If I'm ever in a persistent vegetative state, I... don't ever want anyone to show me that way on national TV. Kyle & Stan "learned something today."
Cartman was right, for the wrong reasons; And Kyle & Stan were wrong, for the right reasons.
And in so many words, the young men of South Park have distilled the Schiavo matter. PS: They pull the feeding tube, and Kenny uses God's golden PSP to direct the forces of good to defeat evil. PPS: Before you dismiss this as anti-anything propaganda, the guys who write South Park as pinko liberals, they're actually not.

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