GOP rag says GOP Off-Track

The cyberrag Newsmax sports an opinion piece by John LeBoutillier, which exactly explains why the GOP in the federal legislature are all wrong: on baseball and Terry Schiavo.
Why, suddenly, do these congressmen in D.C. know more about this case – and about Florida law – than do Florida judges and doctors? How dare the too-ambitious Senate Majority leader, Bill Frist, a former heart surgeon, say that he can diagnose Terri Schiavo from a 30-second TV news clip? How irresponsible can you get? I can diagnose this: Frist has a terminal case of Potomac Fever! These Republicans – so-called ‘conservatives' – have now fallen into the habit of meddling in everyone's – and anyone's – business. They have opened Pandora's box: What internal family dispute cannot now be grist for their mill? A child custody case? A divorce that involves controlling shares in an important business? Disputed ownership of a valuable asset? Why can't – and why won't – the Congress now feel it is suddenly their business to intercede?
The GOP has become an extremist's hangout, and will implode sooner or later, just like the ultra-liberal left did many years ago. The center always wins. Always.

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