A use for Niagara Falls' Airport

Niagara Falls airport is well-used for cargo & military, but is bereft of passenger service. I think BNIA is just fine, thanks, and see no reason to spend public money to reopen Niagara Falls as a full-service passenger airport. Craig convinced me of this. Charter flights are a whole other thing, altogether. I think the airport could handle charters as-is. Interestingly, Niagara Falls can accommodate just about any aircraft in the world. Including the Concorde. Including even the massive, double-decker Airbus A380. So it came as little surprise to see that Niagara Falls airport is being submitted to Airbus as a potential site for its US operation to build a future air tanker based on the Airbus A330. That would be so good for the Falls in particular, and the region in general. So very, very good.

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